The REAL Marathon Training Begins

We are not runners. We are not athletes. We are so not in shape for a marathon.

That said, we are determined!

When we decided to chase after this AUDACIOUS goal of running a marathon, it seemed absolutely impossible. And now that we are just 129 days away from the event, it seems even more impossible! But that’s what makes it so exciting! That’s why we need a strict training program to get us ready to conquer this bad ass dream!

On Saturday, we will begin our formal 18-week training program. Up until now, we’ve tinkered with the conditioning programs but not stuck to them with any great level of consistency. Well, our time is up. We MUST get focused + disciplined if we are going to make it across that finish line.

The Training Plan

Each week, we will run two 30-45 minute training runs using Jeff Galloway’s Run-Walk-Run method. On Saturday mornings, we will do our weekly long runs.

Periodically, we will do a Magic Mile test to gauge our Run:Walk time ratio. Right now we are at Run 30 seconds : Walk 1 minute. We hope to advance to 3:1 or even 4:1 by marathon time.

Additionally, we will cross-train (strength training, biking, etc) at least twice a week on non-running days. We have to do everything we can to make sure our bodies are strong enough to take on the 26.2 miles!

Here is the long run schedule ::

  • July 2nd – 4 miles (Magic Mile test)
  • July 9th – 12 miles
  • July 16th – 4 miles
  • July 23rd – 14 miles
  • July 30th – 5 miles (Magic Mile test)
  • August 6th – 17 miles
  • August 13th – 5 miles
  • August 20th – 6 miles (Magic Mile test)
  • August 27th – 20 miles
  • September 3rd – 6 miles
  • September 10th – 6 miles (Magic Mile test)
  • September 17th – 23 miles
  • September 24th – 6 miles
  • October 1st – 7 miles
  • October 8th – 26 miles (This is the day we prove to ourselves that we can complete a marathon!)
  • October 15th – 7 miles
  • October 22nd – 6 miles
  • October 29th – 7 miles
  • Sunday, November 6th – NYC Marathon!

We hope you will cheer us on as we take on this ambitious training plan!

Rain running

Rain, rain, go away…

I never could understand how people run in the rain.  I know a consistent running schedule is the key, but getting rained on while I am running really dampens my spirits (pun intended).  Feeling soggy makes me feel sluggish and I slow down enough to make the run not even worthwhile.  Knowing how it affects my run makes me not even want to get dressed and leave the house for a run when it’s raining.

How have you overcome running in the rain? Is it just a decision you made? Special equipment?

Marathon, here we come!

Welcome to our blog showcasing our journey to our 1st ever NYC Marathon.  Juicy stuff coming soon.  Stay tuned!